Core drilling

We have a lot of experience in nuclear drilling. We are used to everything from narrow to large drill diameters, as well as everything from short to long holes. We have machines that can drill down to 2000 meters deep.

We are used to challenging and difficult assignments. Drilled from tunnels, drill upwards, uses triple tube, wire drilling, long feed pipe drives. We are simply a flexible entrepreneur who always finds solutions.


Geotechnics is about building-technical properties of land and mountains as well as methods for building in and on land and mountains.

EC Svenska performs all types of probes such as screw, JB, CPT, VIM / weight probe, piston, rubber pipe, gate pressure sensor and environmental sampling

Hammer drilling

We perform most types of lowering hammer drilling. For example, wells, filter wells and infiltration. Groundwater raising / lowering.

Installations & Measurement

We install most of the existing measuring equipment, such as inclinometer, extensometer. groundwater monitoring, groundwater monitoring. Both via the web and manual reading.

Ask us about package solutions.


We also perform curvature measurement, water loss measurement, water sampling, core orientation and rock stress measurement.



EC Svenska AB was started in 2014 by the brothers Kalle and Pelle Olstam. Today we have 10 employees.

Based in Stockholm / Mälardalen we can quickly establish in many of the places where our services are requested. 

However, we work in Sweden and abroad.

We carry out the work at all stages of a construction process. Surveys in mountain and soil masses when planning projects, as well as installations and control at the construction stage.

Together we have over 100 years of experience, which ensures that we can deliver customized solutions to each project.

EC Svenska AB "Breaking new ground"


Södertälje sluss
FF Stockholm
Gärdet Stockholm
Piston Sampling
Sky city SCOO
Environmental sampling basement
Environmental Sampling
Scandic Continental
Passes 1000 meters
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